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music by John Coltrane; lyrics by Jeff Pittson


Freedom’s in your heart

The journey’s just beginning

Find a new home

Trouble is where to start


Life was once so cruel

Now the freedom is awaiting

Nothing’s ever easy

For a soul that is so true


But will the sun smile on me in Liberia?

Will it be kinder to me than before?

Will the dream of freedom turn into reality

Or will we, will be bitter and

Disappointed like before?


No one knows the future

Hardly understood the past

But I’ll take my freedom

No matter how long it lasts


No matter when

No matter how

We set sail

The time is now


The dream awaits

Don’t let it fade


© 1999 Used by Permission of Jowcol Music



ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (Previously Unreleased)

music by John Coltrane; poetry by Jeff Pittson; set to music by Suzanne Pittson


It starts with you as a force for good, as a force for good, as a force for good. To know what we are, to be truly good. To shine for the time that we have here on earth. We’ll give of ourselves, the best of ourselves, the essence that we present at our best. The pure self, the kind self, the strong self.


The first step, a small step, just like a child I faltered, I faltered. And playing slowly just one note at a time, I heard the sound and I knew I could speak to the hearts of people. I hear the sound, but how can I sing it? I search after beauty, will I ever find it?  The perfect world, just imagine how it could be. Ah--------Life in a perfect world, is something I’ll ever see?


But in that world, perfect or not, how do we express truth in music? Doesn’t matter! In turning lead into gold, the alchemist doesn’t wonder how, that isn’t his job. His job is to believe in the process. Like man who discovered the river unfrozen, yet he told all his people the river was frozen and you could walk on water. How? Just because he believed, it remains the belief, it’s the belief thing. Little X factor which taunted man since his DNA told him to get out of the swamp. And so it has been throughout time. The choice remains yours. Do you believe? Believe or not? I have heard many sages say that a question well-asked will answer itself. But this is not, no it’s not a simple “to be or not to be” question. It is “why be at all?”


In the depths of our being why does sound touch us in oh so many ways. Is the music calling us back to a primordial marshland heartbeat? Can you hear the gentle rain scattering on the fronds of the broad green leaves, under gray cloudy skies? Or is it the cybernetic future moving faster day by day? Can it be calling us toward a glorious future, while we burst the bounds of our finite flesh, and we fly toward the heaven of our highest desire? Under night’s black skies can we know what will be? A future world uncertain with a race of souls in question, music yet unheard. Many future worlds are yet unformed. Doing the dance of the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” have we left our wisdom back in another time and caused nature to shudder with fear? Or is it simply the fact that given just the right timing life will find a way?


Do we know within our hearts, life will go on in it’s own way with or without us? People weary from the battering of life’s waves with a furrowed brow can become a smooth stone cast into the pond of uncertainty. Yet can transform again into ripples of joy, joy and happiness. And that same stone that lay dormant for billions of years finds a higher purpose. From a single stone, letting joy spread into larger and larger waves from it’s dive into the cold water. And if a stone could burn so brightly, shining into our hearts, then we’ll find the many glorious and infinite things in our life. Like the first time in a dark cave of ignorance. shining brightly, helping people to love and be loved. Make the perfect world walk where you walk. Let it be where you are. Let it be, be a perfect creation of intent and a demonstration of a purpose. Ripples of happiness in a cold marshy pond


Siddhartha said diligently work out your own salvation. In seeking your enlightenment never let it’s flow cease until you, as a single drop, rejoin the great salty ocean that is life.


© 1997 JP Publishing




music by John Coltrane; lyrics by Suzanne Pittson


Free, Free is what I want to be.

Way beyond kind of life they say that humankind can only see


Lost, swimming in a sea of woe,

uncertainty in all its forms a part of destiny.


You, feel the eternity.

It’s here and now and nowhere else for you and me


Here on earth the road is so long and unpaved, it’s hard to walk alone without a light to warm us and guide us. The evil standing on the corner waits to look in our eyes and say “this one is weak!” Evil’s gaze is strong, never falters. “Weak are for the taking, there’s so many to choose from to have. They’ll all bow down and defy me, I have your mind, you haven’t got a chance, and soon your soul will follow.”


Free, Free is what I have to be

Love’ll lead the way toward the happiness that humankind can really see.


Feel deep into my heart and soul.

With the power of hope and resolution I can take control


Reach far beyond what’s in my mind.

Never doubt the search for truth is there for me to find


© 1999 Used by Permission of Jowcol Music




music by John Coltrane; lyrics by Jeff Pittson


In the time that you have.

You must give all you have.

Time is short!

Find the voice that you have.

There isn’t time to wait for an easy day,

I know time can slip away.


Go on take a step,

take a big giant step

No fear!

Life is no rehearsal,

there’s nothing to lose.

In all your life, no matter who you are,

there is a dream that only you alone can pursue.


©1999 Used by Permission of Jowcol Music




Melody spontaneously composed by Suzanne Pittson


The universe is a sea of generosity

-a sea of joy-a sea of love.

It rains joy in crystal torrent sheets on those who believe so completely...

The flying arrow pierces stone as if soft...

The river freezes in a heartbeat of intense desire-filled eternity


The universe, joy, love... it has no beginning, it has no end

No matter what dreams may come, life continues on through countless grains of sand...

Worlds across the universe.


Longing, ecstasy, fulfillment.




© 1999 JP Publishing




music by Michael Brecker; lyrics by Jeff Pittson


The burning sun and the hot plain

The endless sky and the river wild

And running through the endless march of time, we see

That everyone is born and will some day die


The burning heat and the cool wind

The angry cry and the silent tear

For countless souls have run across the sands of time

But they can never know the world sublime


African Skies, fill me with mystery, African Skies.

Treasure to find, deep in the heart of man

Mountains to climb ‘til the end


The darkness comes and will not yield

To all except the torches glare

The goodness hidden from the angry eyes of the man

Awaits the coming of the time at hand.


But will the century’s new sun rise

Burning in the people’s hearts?

Will the fires of life give rise

To a brand new age of light?

Will the people let this age arrive?

Coming, closer, almost time!


© 1999 JP Publishing