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music by Freddie Hubbard; lyrics by Evan Pittson


Come aboard a fantasy ride through lands, sight unseen

All’s approved for souls loved by nature, all those who’ve been

One of a kind, we’re sentient, soulful beings that are of another kind,

One of another mind

Out of the Hub are primal memories -  instincts long - gone from time - the real deal


Far beyond this path into darkness, mindful of will

There it lies through moss, vines and ivy, mammothly still

One of a kind, unending spiral dangers that are of another kind,

And as the surface shined

Out of the Hub are sonic memories - swingin’ hard, - groovin’ high, - the real deal


Yes today, the dawn of tomorrow, lead all the way

But the future must be the light, let time have the say

One of a kind, are from the future, having space and time and life to find,

One of another mind

Out of the Hub are heartbeats not yet heard - this is it - the real deal - as it feels


© 2008 JP Publishing




music by Freddie Hubbard; lyrics by Suzanne Pittson

Vocalese lyric is based on Freddie Hubbard’s solo from the 1962 recording “Hub-Tones”


Valves ablaze, the bright sun of the horn,

Hearing the sound in every part of the form.

Always thinking, thinking about the song

And playing it at every moment

Giving us all the strength to carry on.


From his idols of the past - Clifford Brown, Fats and Diz,

Full of respect, though the language was his.

Never to think, who could see that his spirit would

fly free at the age of 23,

Will you tell me, “How can that be?”


The golden horn, the edge of innovation.

He played with scalar exhilaration.

Pushing past the last generation,

Gone way too soon to hear the veneration.


Though Booker he may be gone,

But the beauty of his song will live on.

Giving his soul with the light of each dawn.

He gave so much in so little time,

And his music sang out so sublime.

He gave us more than most within a single lifetime.


VOCALESE – Freddie’s solo:

Prince of sound,

Hearing tears that fell out of a golden valved bell

Shining out in the sunlight as pearls

Knowing his mind but always playing his heart

Finding a new and sensuous part

Elevating his art

That he could impart


And many an artist understands and knows the

path is rarely kind or gentle to the soul who

dedicates each hour of everyday,

Finding a new way that no one can see right away.

Yet despite the pain he played with style and elegance and grace

And all those lucky, unsuspecting followers each got their infusion and encouragement and even a

renewal of faith.


Sages teach us to respect the dignity of those who sweat to pave the way.

So many hours

Within the tunnel of intention

And searching for the perfect note to change the world and make the pain go away.

They’re always looking for the ray of hope that shines to lift up and inspire and takes away the gnawing in the soul, and tells the person yes go on and live and try to make another person happy too!


Taking the time to see the glow of life and finding our meaning of existence in this wide world of ours.

Mystic is the sound that builds a castle of peace within the hearts of those who seek to hear its beauty.


The struggle it goes on

To say our say

And have our day

In the sun

Any way, today.


We start a new no matter what our shade of blue is,

Feeling that our soul is spent

And overdue


Even with the blues

Naturally I can smile because the struggle’s worthwhile

Feeling the music is growing and leaping

The cats will be dealing

The groove so appealing

The joy of the scene is like Bird in a dream

It’s like nothing that you’ve seen before or since….


Following footsteps of our heroes,

We can hear them chuckling ‘cause we tried to share their vision of the music for the children yet to come,

‘Cause after the song the healing must continue.

Find a friend that’s filled with pain

And give that friend the strength to try again once more for the future.


In our memory

Immortal bright sun of the horn

Is playing on,

Beyond the song,

Never gone.


© 2008 JP Publishing




music by Freddie Hubbard; lyrics by Suzanne, Jeff and Evan Pittson


Once I couldn’t see

The jewel

Right in front of me!

I want eternity!

I was looking , never seeing

Always  wanting another being…

Seeing is believing

But my faith is test of strength

Will I ever win?

Will my eyes betray me?

Look at the moon

Cool and bright

Beam in the night!


Once I used to hear

That voice

A little nagging choice…

It doesn’t  mean a thing!

When your soul arrives in fullness

And your heart beats with a purpose

Hiding from your dream is like a broadcast of fearfulness,

a thousand shades  of gray!

Don’t let them tell you

It’s no use, cut  ‘em loose, no excuse!


Once I didn’t know

How deep

The sonic waters flow!

On my voyage I must go!

Many ports of call are waiting…

Many treasures for the taking…

Playing with the rapture of a soul in

exuberance, ecstatic and sublime

Scaling ever higher…

Spiritually bound! Glorious sound! Beauty is found!


© 2008 JP Publishing




music by Freddie Hubbard; lyrics by Suzanne Pittson

Vocalese lyric is based on Freddie Hubbard’s solo from the 1961 recording

“Mosaic” by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers


Let me go – close the door

My love can’t endure

The tears and the pain

We’re havin’ a crisis, this thing’s in a crisis


I was lost in your eyes

Deceived by your lies

That torment my mind

We’re havin’ a crisis, this thing’s in a crisis


Well I never could imagine just how bad true love could be!

Did my dreams turn to schemes to make me perceive reality?


If my heart leads the way

I’m destined to stay

Don’t I have a say

We’re havin’ a crisis, this thing’s in a crisis


VOCALESE – Freddie’s solo:

Never dreamed that in this lifetime I could ever find a man who’s so appealing.

Swept me off my feet with just a glance and talk of music and love made my heart start to sing.

How I felt the beauty inside me come to life.

Finally, I could be just the me I longed to be

At last I was flying free.

Then before too long I came to the realization that this paradigm of hope and love and perfect co-existence wasn’t really anything that fit into my model of perfection.

I can never be afraid of what to do, what to think, what to say, what to feel!

What’s the deal? This is so surreal,

Don’t “homo loquens” have the capability to speak the truth?


I have learned that people nowadays

Turn their backs on love and understanding and the power of their words to uplift the human soul.

Treasures of the heart must abound

Human justice cannot function without understanding through the power of words


Words to breed equality

And spirituality

No matter what crisis comes I must confront this demon that violates the dignity of life

Now’s the time to make a plea for all humanity to stop and see eternity,

Awaken to the truth that just a single human being has power within their own heart to change the world!



Well I never could imagine just how bad our world could be!

Can our dreams be the means to help us believe in humanity?


Let our hearts lead the way

And go seize the day

Let’s all have a say!

We’re havin’ a crisis, our world’s in a crisis

We’re havin’ a crisis, our world’s in a crisis




music by Freddie Hubbard; lyrics by Suzanne, Jeff and Evan Pittson


I was discontent

All alone inside a sad lament

Working hard to make another cent

Was my hourglass completely out of time?


Through the misty haze

Unexpectedly I saw your face

And I felt another state of grace

When you opened up the treasures in my mind.


From restless complications I was searching, seeking

Exploring through this new world

I couldn’t write the final story but it will be mine to state

A rebirth in a new land with a destiny to make and so


I’m Lost and found

On a journey into hallowed ground

Always looking for another sound

And awakening the mys’tries yet to find.


© 2008 JP Publishing




music by Freddie Hubbard; lyrics by Suzanne Pittson



Like a byrd, like a flame

We all know his name

Him and Dizzy, top of the game

(Don’t you know) He played all the things you wanted to play

Told a story only the man with the horn could say


Determination seemed to carry him away



Flyin’ like the byrd, we’ll spread the word

Life is so full of wonder

Make up your mind to get it!

No matter what the chains of destiny holds

Victory unfolds

In time, you’ll find

That like the byrd you’ll spread your wings and take to the sky


© 2008 JP Publishing